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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 17 reviews
        Joey O
        Great Ladder for the RV

        I received my ladder yesterday and immediately put it to work. I easily climbed atop the RV to unfold the cover. Great purchase and it is small enough to fit in one of cabinets.

        Goes where other ladders fear to go

        I am so happy with this purchase. It has taken playing with it some to figure out how long the ladder needs to be for each situation. But now I know that each rung equals one foot in height of the ladder. So if I just want my 12 foot ladder to extend only 10 feet, then I leave the first two rungs collapsed.
        It is so easy to completely collapse it to move to a new location and this makes it so easy to fit around bushes and yard art. The large feet stay put and gave no hint of sliding. The ladder feels very solid and steady. I was able to easily clean my gutters this past week. It does take just a tad of getting used to pulling the main release buttons. I wish I were a bit stronger so that I could release them both at the same time. But these 73 year old hands and arms just don't have the strength that they used to. I look forward to using my new ladder when I paint some new electrical conduit in my carport.
        Oh and did I mention storage? This fits behind the door in my utility room so that it is always easily accessible.

        140 Jag
        Lighter weight, easy to extend

        User needs to be very careful when retracting the ladder. Tends to slam down when released and can mash finger.

        Binford 5 K
        Much higher quality than I expected, especially at this price.

        I have had a couple of occasions to use the ladder on my RV. It was surprisingly easy to extend and retract and felt much more stable and robust the I expected. It is easy to maneuver from spot to spot around the RV even while extended. I've even used it around the house and shop buildings. Stores very nicely in the storage compartment of the RV as well. I feel I got a good value for money spent.

        Anthony Martinez
        It has air springs to prevent the top rungs from pinching

        Bought the 12.5' footer. It is very stable and light weight. I'm a home inspector and have used about 7 different telescoping/extension ladders and this one is solid. I would compare it to the extend a climb except it's not as heavy which is even better. I'm 5'10 180lb


        Gave this to my son a year ago and he loves it. Highly recommend.

        David P.
        Great ladder. Very easy to use...

        This one is great. I've used it twice already and it's sturdy, easy to extend and compact, not too heavy, and very easy to put in the RV and take with us.

        Strong and great price!

        This is a fantastic ladder, we will use it camping for travel trailer!

        Compact, durable, and easy

        I purchased this ladder to store with my travel trailer. I weigh in around 230 lbs, so a light weight ladder that supports me sounded like a stretch. That said, I did my research, and figured this looked like a good ladder. It's the right height to allow me to get up on the roof if I need to, but compact and light enough to keep stored in the small basement underneath it. The strap that holds it closed is a nice touch, and makes pulling it out and putting it away very easy. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it again if I needed another.

        Great ladder for the price

        It works great and while it is a little less stable given its a straight ladder, you shouldn't have any issues staying up (as always it's good to have someone there when you're on any type of ladder). Some issues people had are more lack of understanding the ladder.?