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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 17 reviews
        Solar cover reel

        Very well made. It was fairly easy to assemble. Took us about an hour. The clips to attach to the solar cover make it easy to install. The solar cover clips do not require screws making it easy to deal with. Took a little strength to snap them closed. Reel rolls up the cover easily. We had a few extra clips, so we made some pull straps for the other end of the cover, making it easy to put the solar cover back over the pool.

        David Santoro
        14' pool cover reel

        We ordered and received our pool cover reel, and we are so pleased with it. My wife and I put it together ( took about an hour ), the instructions were good but could have been a little more specific, but you didn't need to be a brain surgeon to figure it out. It works great and its easy to use, one person operation. We save money on water from evaporation, ( we live in Florida ) and save money on pool chemicals and in the cooler months when pool heater is on it saves on heat loss. I recommend this product for an out door in ground pool.

        Vlad Lubomirsky
        Good idea bad execution

        Need to do something about loose screws. Few days and they already coming out. Very annoying.

        Vicky Feitshans
        Solar cover

        Awesome! Works great and helps raise the temp of the pool!

        Kathryn Lucas
        Pool reel

        Excellent pool reel, definitely recommend!

        Joe Jones
        So far so good

        The reel seems sturdy and well made. Assembly instructions could be more detailed, but generally easy to assemble. I just received the product a few days ago, so no information on durability. It would’ve been nice if a storage cover was included to complete the package.

        Brenda Cherry-Edwards
        Pool reel

        We love it,and easy to use😄😄

        Colleen W
        Excellent Quality!

        Excellent quality and the instructions were good except someone needs to proofread and correct the spelling of numerous words. The tip about not separating the tubes was very helpful. The reel was actually 18 ft and we took out a section to fit our pool. Super fast shipping.

        Vingli has upped their game

        I just purchased the 14' aluminum inground swimming pool reel set after the my previous Vingli fell totally apart after 3 years (to be fair, it sat outside 12 months of the year with no protection in WV). The legs had fallen off, the wheel broke, screws disappeared, amongst other ails. I am very please with my new reel, the items that broke on my prior reel have been refashioned and upgraded. This one should last much longer - Perhaps i will even purchase a cover for it.

        Bathing Beauty Brad
        'Reel' Nice, Real Rotten Instructions

        This is a quality pool cover reel and I am happy with it, but the assembly instructions were very poor, Luckily, I was able to research a similar type of reel on U-Tube that demonstrated very clear assembly instructions.