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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 18 reviews
        Its comfortable


        Neurotic Person
        Excellent for lightweight folding table...and the blue is beautiful!

        Couldn't get a better item for the price and they came ridiculously fast! I couldn't believe it. I am a colorful personal and didn't want boring silver metal. This is perfect. Bought both the medium and short sizes for additional work space in my studio, and they definitely fit the bill. Easy to adjust with a little mechanical maneuvering. All in all a great, value added purchase. Highly recommend.

        Carol/Christin Knight
        Great Deal! Table is just what I was looking for

        Mine looks a little different from the pictures, (I'll try to add some pics later) but there are no quality issues for me. The brace across the legs is not flush with the ground. I did have to add the leg extensions, but they all popped in fairly easy with the push button locks and also pulled out with the same amount of ease. I love both heights. One makes a nice coffee table height, the other is a average dining table height. I plan to use as a hobby table for painting canvases. Plenty of space for tabletop easel and paint supplies. I love that I can fold everything together for easy storage. Great find at about 1/2 the price of many others I looked at. I've very pleased!

        Its a good product

        Takes two people to extend the legs

        Perfect for RVs and outdoor use

        Perfect lite weight table for RVs and outdoor use. Issue with original table promptly resolved by seller, completely satisfied. No assembly required, just open table and it's ready. Very sturdy considering it's lite weight. Great value too.

        Maria Reyes Escobar
        Convenient and Practical

        Our Kids love it ! It has been helpfull for homework and craft time in their room... and when having friend visiting!

        Julia PhiferJulia Phifer
        My goal was to have a table that would fit in a 36” space.

        The media could not be loaded.This is a nice little table it was easy to assemble, sturdy and lightweight. It fit neatly into a little alcove that I have, which is what I wanted. It does have a slight little hump in the middle where the hinge is, so if you laid a level across there it would teeter totter a little bit, but it was very slight and the table is very sturdy and is doing what I needed it to do, so the slight hump didn’t effect my needs.I attached a short video to show the hump, but I keep my stuff one both sides of the hinge so I’m okay with the hump.

        Just what I needed

        This table is just what I needed as a "sewing table". A little difficult to set up at first, but very lightweight & sturdy. I can finally have my sewing machine set up to use whenever I need it! Price was right, too!

        Perfect for craft fairs

        I gave this to my daughter in law to use at her craft fairs. She has CP and uses a cane to walk so she needed something small and light weight. She is able to carry this herself and uses it to show off her pencil drawings of pets at the local craft shows. She bought 2 additional ones after receiving the one from me so that she can have the option of a larger display surface when needed. She sets them up and attaches them to each other to create a sturdy large display area. I can recommend this table as a sturdy, easily managed and portable solution to needing a table for display.

        Ed Turanchik
        Good value camp table

        We use this as a camp table. It’s light weight, deploys and stores easily, has good surface area and was very affordable.