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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        C. Tucker
        Well worth the money

        I don’t have gutters so I have them positioned where they gets run off at the valleys of my back porch, so I keep them unzipped a little at the front to catch as much water as possible. As they fills to the top they will overflow into a tote. Once I get more barrels I will connect them to overflow into the next barrel. But for now with all the rain I have to connect a garden hose to the bottom on/off valve to empty it to another location so the backyard doesn’t become a swamp. Until I can afford some gutters this is the way I am reserving water and not letting the backyard became a marsh.

        Wonderful water storage

        I use them to water my raised garden beds works great for me very durable

        Really nice product, great if you need to daisy chain a few barrels.

        Easy to take down for the winter, really rugged material.

        Priscilla Johnson
        Good quality

        I would like it if the faucet was a little bit higher off the ground but I understand why they would put it as low as possible. Good quality material. Stands up to the weather.

        special op
        very good customer service!

        I had a problem with my order and they were very quick to remedy issue ....Fast delivery and great product this is my second barrel I bought and I would definitely buy again

        Great value!

        I love this item. Have ordered it several times in the past and is a better value the other products, such as Bed, Bath and Beyond.

        D. Osterman
        It holds water

        Sets up easily. I filled it up - no leaks and it looks good. Definitely recommend.