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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 8 reviews
        John E. Duty Jr.
        Good pool cleaner

        Works very well for the price. I had never had a pool cleaner before and was surprised at how well it works.

        Jim aguirre
        Very nice pool cleaner

        Moves around the pool very good hope it does that for years to come

        Jack Timmel
        That it works

        that the product works and comes with a couple of extra Diaphragms plus extra hoses

        Gail Urban
        Excellent value

        Easy to set up and use. Crawls around the pool and does the job!

        Works well

        Installed the vacuum and it went right to work!

        Scott H.
        Why didn't i think of this!!

        Works great. Throw it in the pool n walk away!!

        M C
        works great once you get the pressure right!

        I was having an issue with this just staying in the deep end of my pool. I read some comments and reviews and realized that I forgot to shut off the bottom drain. once I put full force to the skimmer it just took off like a bat out of hell and started climbing the walls. Only gripe is the hose is not long enough for all of my pool but I'm sure I can find some extensions somewhere for this. side note i have a Hayward 1-1/2 hp pump.

        Trevor Jenkins
        Yup, works

        Incredible product, this vacuum works like a charm. My wife was skeptical about it because the vacuum of the old design had a weight fall off and basically just suck air but I assured her that your new enclosed design was a superior machine. A week in and this thing is performing like non-playoff Dan Marino in his natural Dolphin habitat. I bet her that Id be the very first person to rave on this dirt eradicating, pine tree needle eating, H2O preserving, super hero of any aquatic ecosphere.

        And Im here to tell you I won. The vacuum works great. This feels good.