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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 8 reviews
        Latasha Howard-Johnson
        Cute and tall!

        Pretty sturdy considering I have a really unsturdy cheap one from Ebay as well. Kinda annoying to line up holes, but for the price I'm not at all complaining! Looks super cute and my husband, 6'4" walks under without having to duck in the least bit so I'm happy!

        Kimberly Thompson
        Beautiful and easy to assemble.

        Very simple to put together. Absolutely love! Highly recommend.

        Bruce Silver
        Sturdy, easy assemble, looks good

        I always have low expectations for this kind of thing, but the arbor was a big upside surprise. Welded steel, nice verdigris-like finish, easy to assemble. Looks great in the garden.

        Good Value

        The instructions to assemble the arbor could be clearer. However, it's a good product for the money. I would buy again.

        Charlotte Higgins
        Easy to assemble

        Very easy to assemble and set up. I assembled the upper curve and sides separately, finger tightening all required nuts and bolts except for the ones connecting the sides with the top curve. Since I was working by myself, I measured the distance between the sides and stuck the sides into the ground. I didn't put them all the way in just in case. I then used a small step ladder to stand on while I raised the upper curve and inserted it into the sides. Once I got everything together and was satisfied with the positioning I tightened all of the nuts and bolts and finished inserting the sides into the ground.If I had someone helping, I would have assembled the complete structure and simply carried it into position.


        its amazing, very good quality, and easy to put it together. worth the price

        Jeanne A. Endrikat
        A great trellis for the garden.

        The trellis came quickly, was easy to assemble and was sturdy for my vine.

        lee ann dore
        Great buy for the price

        I love it, it is much sturdier than I thought it would be. The quality is great, easy to assemble and is stable in its place. Great value for the price!