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        Customer Reviews

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        Reed w Sandness

        VINGLI Folding Fishing Chair Plus Foot Rest Attachment

        Freddie Selga
        Awesome portable chair with leg rest

        Adjustable backrest is the highlight of this chair, and the leg rest makes it complete. Hight quality materials is key.

        Constance G. Green
        Good for sleeping

        My husband needs to sleep in a reclining position and when we travel he can always have a recliner in a hotel or friends house. We got this chair for traveling and it works very well. The height of chair and footrest are adjustable. A person can have the chair lie down flat as a cot. The footrest is optional to use or set aside as one probably might prefer for fishing. We plan to add a rod holder for use as intended as a fishing chair as well as a traveling recliner. It would be heavy to carry very far even though the canvas carrier is fine. But we did not want a flimsy chair for a robust man and we would recommend this chair/bed.

        Erin Leigh
        Broken on day 2 of use

        The adjustable legs and locking springs for the chair have failed multiple times, making it effectively impossible to use the chair on any height other than its lowest setting. The connection pin for the seat and leg components also failed and will not stay connected, so any movement while sitting on the chair results in a structural failure at the joint. For someone who needs height and stability--which is what made this chair seem attractive--the chair is completely useless.

        Foot rest pops out

        The footrest pops out of socket. Otherwise chair is very comfortable. Not for short person - seat is deep.
        I installed quick release pins w ring to lock footrest- realy should be included at such an expense.

        So worth it

        I have been on the hunt for a comfortable lounger. This is the one.
        Adjustable leg heights
        Removable padding to breezy netting
        Easy to add/remove the foot rest
        Well padded

        A bit heavy to transport.

        People say Im a lucky man.....

        A seriously great chair. Im over 250 pounds with serious spinal problems. Its no featherweight chair, but easy to get in and out of. It has strong,solid arms and seating surfaces. Fabric seems very tough. Im gonna scotch guard the top of the seating and backrest surfaces. Then Im gonna spray the underparts with Permethrin .Im also gonna order another one for my wife before they (Vingli) decides to change how its made ?? Anyway, I dont review hardly any products, but had to speak up for this one. Glad I bought it. Im a lucky man

        Well built adjustable chair.

        For the money you will not find a better built chair. Adjustible legs and back along with the footrest make this a chair you can customize to maximize your comfort. Most decently built lawn chairs are around the same price but don't have the ability to adjust them. I have been looking at lawn chairs for years and am glad I waited until I found this one. Shipping was quick also even without the Prime 2 day guarantee. Excellent product.

        LOVE this chair

        Well built, sturdy, and custom adjustable on every leg! Most of the time I just don't use it, but I use this chair every day outside of my RV! I've hosed it down, and it dries quickly. Pricey but totally worth it!

        Fully reclines

        I was looking for something that I could use for camping both in and out of my car. Im recovering from chemo and radiation, so Im not strong enough to set up a tent on my own; this is a perfect way to sleep in my car: seats down, this chair fully reclined, and the footrest on, slight adjustment to the leg lengths, and voila!! I put down a thin camp mattress and my sleeping bag and snuggle in. Then during the day I use it as a regular chair. Total winner!