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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 13 reviews
        Farhad Ghadooshahy
        Led bathroom mirror

        I received 3 led mirror . On time and with nice packaging . I ll order products from vingli for sure.

        Great product

        This comes well packaged. Speakers work great. Well worth the money for the price. Mirrors with only lights are way more expensive. I was originally just looking for a mirror with lights, glad I purchased this one for the same price or less than what I was looking at. People always ask about the mirror and are impressed.

        Good mirror, good sound.

        Nice mirror and worth the money. Two things would improve it: 1) that you could turn it on and off with a wall switch, and 2) that there was an indicator light that the defogger is turned on. Bluetooth sound is good... for a mirror.

        Best vingli purchase ever (and I don't usually leave reviews)

        I wanted to remodel my bathroom on a shoe-string budget. I researched mirrors for hours, originally thinking I wanted a medicine cabinet like I had before. When researching I kept finding mirrors with LED lights and defoggers, which I didn't know existedbut this is the only one I found with bluetooth. Comparable mirrors with lights and defoggers were more than twice the price and have no bluetooth. Comparable medicine cabinets were upwards of $750. I really wanted the speaker, so I crossed my fingers and went with this one.It was very carefully packaged and arrived in mint condition. We hard-wired it to my light switch. We also hung an anchored 2x4 on the wall to then hung/anchored the mirror to the 2x4, because my studs were at the wrong distance. The whole installation took maybe an hour, and that included wrestling with some wiring in my old house and hanging the 2x4. My only complaint is that it didn't have a ground wire, even though the instructions indicated it did. But it still works great hard-wired.I must admit I'm not a person that really enjoys getting ready, but now that I have this mirror, getting ready is fun. The speaker is loud enough that I can hear my podcasts clearly in the shower with my phone volume up. I get out of the shower and can use the mirror right away because it's not fogged over, while still being entertained by my music/podcast/audiobook. I do not miss the medicine cabinet at allin fact, I came to find that everything in there was expired and I wasn't truly using it. The mirror has turned the chore of getting ready (when I'm usually stressing about everything I need to do that day) into me-time that I look forward to. It's so cool and affordableseveral of my friends and family members are thinking about getting one, too.

        Just Great

        Like the size, and all the features.I would have liked the light brightness to be even higher, but nonetheless, this is a beautiful mirror.

        Susan ChannellSusan Channell
        Best Purchase I've Ever Made!! GORGEOUS Mirror!!

        I'M in LOVE with this mirror!! I installed it myself in my hair salon! It's pretty light weight and took me 10 min to hang. I get compliments ALL OF THE TIME from my clients! Bigger than expected and well made! The music from the Bluetooth speakers sounds amazing! My clients couldn't figure out where it was coming from LOL

        Lorry Shirey
        excellent mirror

        love this mirror, a few of the review did not like the bluetooth light at night, it does not bother us serves as a nightlight. would buy again for my other bathrooms

        Nice mirror

        This mirror is great. The speakers are loud and clear. The mirror is bright and easy to function

        Michael L MoyerMichael L Moyer
        Awesome mirror, just what I was looking for

        The media could not be loaded. ?Awesome mirror, highly recommended for a luxurious look. The dimming light was a plus as we were not expecting it to dim. The lowest setting is our night light. Easy to install too. I recommend using a recessed outlet behind the mirror for the discrete look. When doing so the bottom of the mirror was pushed out from the wall a 1/8 but the command strips you see in the photo pulled it back to the wall with ease! You cant even see the strips which was nice! Buy this mirror you wont regret it!

        If you're looking for one, buy this!

        I have to tell you I was a little worried to buy a mirror on vingli. You never know how a package will show up and glass makes me cringe to think of shipping but when this arrived today it was packed with the utmost care and quality. I don't think I have ever gotten a package packaged so well. The mirror itself is amazing. You can adjust the brightness and the bluetooth speakers sound pretty amazing for a wall mounted mirror. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this company and mirrors in general. This mirror was so well designed I hope to see future technologies from this company.