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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews
        Leah DelRosario
        easy to put together

        got this for our nursery closet as an extra piece to hold things. skinny enough where it doesn't take up a lot of room but tall enough and functional enough to hold plenty

        Theresa M. Quinn
        Great product

        Was missing a trim but was ok

        Takes a while to put together.

        Love it. Not all the assembly instructions were clear though. I had to do some guessing.

        It's good material for the price

        This is a beautiful and easy tall cabinet, it had a little crash

        Perfect, pretty little cabinet fits my space ideally.

        Great little cabinet that fit a hard-to-fit bathroom space. Went together OK-I did have to use glue and extra wooden dowels in the middle section as the screws and screw anchors did not work At. All. (and I've just finished assembling a bookcase, a pantry cabinet, a bench and a kitchen island--so I am familiar with the process... ) But it was easy enough to use wood glue and dowels. The top adds an additional shelf. Not wobbly at all. Great addition to my tiny home's bathroom.


        Good looking cabinet

        Functional cabinet, frustrating build

        This is a nice, functional cabinet. I bought this for a 1/2 bath, that has a somewhat odd layout, that made finding a functional piece difficult. One review stated directions were a little off. So, knowing the risk, and it not being my first furniture building rodeo, I took the challenge. Starting out, things were fine. But that changed. The pictures (which was the only thing provided) did not show an overly accurate representation of where hardware truly went. So it was a lot of looking back and forth between directions and cabinet. At one point, I had to skip a step entirely to put other pieces together and later attach as a whole. In the end, it turned out fine. It appears sturdy, and I like that it came with hardware to fix to the wall. A nice feature if you have little ones. I would suggest this to anyone up for a small building challenge, and isn't afraid to throw a couple cuss words along with shaking your head. If this is your first time putting furniture together... good luck. And have the swear jar ready.

        avid female reader
        Wider than described-- over 10+ inches wide

        This shelf is very nice. Good quality. It took some time to put together but it wasn't horrible. I had an exactly 10 inch space. The unit was more than 10 1/4+ inches wide. Sad day. Seller refunded my money. Recommend if you have a wee bit more room than described.

        Mary T
        Plenty of storage

        I've been looking for a slim cabinet that would fit comfortably in my half bath. After doing much research, I kept coming back to Bonnlo. Even though there weren't many promising reviews to go by, I decided to pull the trigger. The pieces came in one box and they're nestled within styrofoam all around so none of my pieces were damaged.The instructions were on one page of illustrations but each piece of the cabinet was clearly labeled with a sticker so we were able to build the cabinet within an hour or two (sorry, I didn't time it).Just two minor cons: 1. Bonnlo puts their logo right on the corner of the cabinet door, but it seems like it can be taken off and removed with Goo Gone and 2. The magnet for the cabinet door is rather strong, I got bonked on the head by my deodorant when it fell, while opening up the door.I am overall satisfied with the cabinet and it's functionality!

        Good Luck

        Where do I begin, let me start with the positives. It looks nice, it's tall, most all pieces where marked, it's really white in most places. Now for the overwhelming negatives. The whole thing is made of that cheap dark brown MDF garbage, not even as good as particle board imho. It is flimsy, it is thin, it is unstable. The reason why it's unstable and flimsy, it's because of the hardware they use to hold all the pieces together. You can't use screws in this thing, it's too thin, so they used these tumbler locks to hold it together, best part you have NO idea if you screwed the male ends in too tight or not enough until you assemble the whole piece....just wait, you'll see. I do these builds all the time, have tools, have help, have some abilities but this thing max out everyone of my nerves. In fact, one of the critical parts of the assembly manual had it completely wrong when it came to join the upper half and the lower half together. Needless to say, I don't have much hair left on my head. UPDATE: The manufacture Bonnlo contacted me and did try and make the situation better. I am much happier now and they have satisfied my issues.