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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 14 reviews
        Camping game changer

        I love this toilet/sink combo. I have sold my Motorhome and returned to tent camping. My biggest worry was not having the bathroom as I get up several times during the night. This has solved that problem. I can even fit a popup changing room inside my 10x20 tent so there is a private bathroom inside the tent! No need to go out in the cold or rain in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. It is so easy to dump and wash out too. I was the envy of the other campers in my group who were in tents or rv's without bathrooms. I like it has carrying cases. I did however choose to buy a large zipper duffel that would fit the sink without disassembly. Here's a tour: www.facebook.com/jean.taylor.35728466/videos/637154793945611

        Gift for daughter

        Gift for daughter for camping.

        Jeffrey Sweitzer

        AWESOME! I rent a room in a house, sharing bathroom with 5 other people and now my portable sink and toilet are for me in my room.

        Harley heart
        Cool buy efficient and easy to set up

        I bought this because there is only one bathroom in my 5-bedroom house. My room is downstairs. The bathroom above is unused, but it looks sturdy and usable. I can't wait to use it, I'm very excited. I will not use it for solid waste. It looks easy to use, but my only concern is that the sink outlet doesn't look too strong or intact, but obviously, my worries are superfluous and I am extremely satisfied with it.

        Worked as promised

        The problem people were mentioning on how sink hose won't fit into toilet has apparently been fixed. Worked and delivered as promised

        Teresa S
        Outdoor bathroom

        I am loving this item. It is saying a lot of traffic I'm going in and out of my house. My guess love it

        Reliable, easy to clean and so convenient! Well worth the money!

        I love these two products together. I use them for overnight trips in my conversion van and they are easy and light weight enough for me to handle (Im a female and 65)! Not stinky and easy to clean.This has been a real blessing for safe travel. Absolutely recommend and would buy all over again!!! Love them!!!


        I love it!!! Get you one! I was actually surprised by how strong and sturdy it is. I put it in my bus to convert to a motorhome! Very comfortable and the sink faucet is so fancy and beautiful! I love it it fits perfect and Im about 240 with a side of wide booty I fit fine thick thighs and all! Get you one !

        washing ay the camp

        we bought this with a toilet to set up a bathroom when we go camping using a pop up shower tent

        great product !!!!!!

        I loved it we set it at the pool and works great no more wet floors on the house!!!!