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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews
        Chris Mauldin
        Pay attention to details in the directions!!

        great bed frame and is sturdy after attaching it to wall!! My 4, almost 5 year old likes it. We live in an apartment and the bedroom is a bit small. We put this thing over my wife and I's bed. I assembled it by myself but would be better with 2 people. If you don't follow the directions closely then you will have to re-do some of the legs like I did! There are 4 legs that hold the entire thing together, numbers 10 and 11. Tens have to be on one side, and elevens on the other which will be the front. Make sure the 10's and elevens face each other the correct way and pay attention to the proper direction of the plastic holes on bottom of bed rails, rounded edges face out. Other than that it should go together well. Good product

        Samantha b
        Would buy again. Takes about an hour and half to put together.

        Kinda hard to get together, two presume job for sure but otherwise it seems sturdy and the price can't be beat.

        Not stable

        Would have to say dont but it breaks easily be aware of this child might fall from bed bottom of the bars bends easily and the side bar broken

        Nice looking unit

        Took a little bit to assemble but very nice looking bed

        karel ifill
        Good for the price

        The directions weren't the best but not bad for the price.

        Putting together.

        Pretty good. Little hiccup w putting together with making sure holes are facing in on top and make sure the back bar is both holes on top of ladder area is where you can get to it. 2 ppl NEED to put together near impossible alone w the mattress part. Use a mallet to push down the side bar to line up w holes.

        A great , sturdy loft bed

        This bed frame is sturdy and clears up lots of room in the bedroom. I love it! Highly recommend it to everyone.

        Valerie Ann Romano
        Sturdy and works for small bedrooms

        My bed didnt come with instructions so I just looked at the picture and studied it over. This isnt my first loft bed I put together. The first one was wooden and a bit more complex. Once I figured out how it went together it went by pretty easy. Some people complain about the holes not lining up but think of it like changing a tire. You dont tighten one lug nut completely and then move on to the next. You gotta give it some wiggle room especially if youre putting it together by yourself. Once together its pretty sturdy and it comes with anchors as well. I didnt use mine though. I like the little plastic piece that goes over each step. Seems like itll be nice on my sons feet. Overall for the price it was well worth it. It give my son so much more usable space in his small soon.

        love it

        i loveeeee this bed. like most of the buyers of this bed i have a small room and really wanted the extra space of a loft bed and this one looked perfect w a good price. i put it together all by myself with only a little help from my brother holding the guardrails up while i screwed them in, so it was kind of difficult to do by yourself but i expected that. its actually so much more sturdy than i expected. i was scared bc this is for kids and im 19 and 190lbs and it holds me great. i love it :)


        Fue el color exacto la instalacin fue prcticamente normal porque vi los comentarios decian que era muy complicado pero fue facir para mi realmente fue perfectamente lo que buscaba se mueve un poco como dicen en los comentarios por la altura que tiene pero no afecta trae para agarrarla de ?a pared en mi caso yo le coloque extras angulo en cada lateral con eso quedo rigida ni se mueve y la escalera fue un exito porque trae protectores para que no moleste en los pie la recomiendo de verdad vale la pena creo que es la mejor de todas las que se anuncian