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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 14 reviews
        Barbara Tarnowski
        The end swing in and out.

        The end supports swing in and out for storage. It is light weight and sturdy. A little shorter than you would think.

        Great Gate

        The gate looks nice, is sturdy, and is fairly easy to assemble. i like it a lot.

        Rose W
        Puppy fence

        Great product
        Fast service and delivery
        Totally worth the money spent so I bought a second one for my two mischievous pups.

        Works great around our wood burner

        My husband reinforced it so our grandson didn't knock it down. It fits great around our wood burner.

        Nice pet gate

        Nice looking free standing pet gate. Easy to step over but high enough to remind my cattle dog to stay in the kitchen. He could easily jump over the gate and has when first getting use to it, but after training him it is a nice barrier that he knows he shouldn't cross. It is high enough that our miniature poodles don't even attempt to jump over it.

        Kelly S.
        Beautiful, sturdy, heavy

        Beautiful and perfect in front of our master double door entry to keep the dogs off the carpet where accidents occassionally occur. This is heavy enough that my 2 chihuahua/pomeranian dogs cannot weasel their way in through the side. I knocked one star off of "assembly" rating because one hole is not deep enough to allow the star knob to fully tighten down. It's in deep enough to still be secure though, so I'm fine with it. I got the darker cherry scratches, perfect condition.

        J Ray
        We did not need to attach this to anything

        We use this at the base of the stairs and slide it into place to keep our rescue dogs on the same level of the house so they are quicker to socialize with us. We quickly slide it in and out of place and have not needed to use the bolt to lock it into place. It looks nice and is easy to use. Our 12 and 15 pound rescues are contained but our 30 pound Japanese Chin/Aussie is smart enough to find a way around if we have not put it up properly and he wants down the stairs.

        little mac
        Perfect fit

        I needed this gate to keep my baby out of our entryway. It's extra wide so regular baby gates don't work. This is freestanding and we can move it out of the way and it short enough that we can step over it but he can't. Also it's sturdy enough that he can hang on it and push it either direction and it doesn't go anywhere. It happens to fit great between two cabinets on either side of the entryway which keeps it extra sturdy. The folding wings don't lock in place So having a fit snugly between two other things is perfect.

        Roland Radinski
        Nicely made.

        All the holes lined up as they were supposed to and the proper quantity of hardware was included. I found that by NOT fastening the two sections together it was easier to open and close the barrier so family could pass through. We used this to keep our 11 pound dog in the living room while we were away. Was perfect for that.

        Exactly what I was looking for

        I have a small elderly dog who is both blind and deaf. He paces around the house most of the day and most of the night. I had baby tension gates in my hallway doors but when he would walk into one it would make enough noise to wake us up at night (constantly!) This freestanding gate is wide enough to put at my hallway entry ,and is practically noiseless. It is sturdy and was easy to put together. It's also low enough we just leave it in place all the time and walk over it. I had been eyeing this for a long time before finally purchasing it. It's been perfect for us.