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        Artificial Trees

        Having a artificial tree or real tree in a room, such as an office or home, makes a huge difference to its decor and ambiance. Depending however on a few factors, having a real tree in an office may be a bad idea. One such factor is the location of where the tree will be placed. Take the case of an office which is situated underground, tree need sunlight to survive and with only artificial lighting available a tree in such an environment is most certainly being handed a death sentence. The care for a real tree may also prove too much for some individuals, unless one is fairly knowledgeable on the subject and has time on their hands. With artificial trees after they are placed they can practically be forgotten and left to do what they do best, which is beautify space.

        Trees normally used as Christmas tree may not be available in some places. The price for real trees when compared to that for artificial trees makes the purchase impractical. It may be also that persons believe the artificial plant actually look better than real trees. The artificial tree are perfectly symmetrical and people can get the exact size and shape they want. There is also the disadvantage associated with a real tree of it not being able to be used for more than one Christmas. With artificial plants they can be used over and over again and packed away and brought out again yearly. Some of these artificial trees even come pre-wired which takes the fun, or hassle, out of decorating your tree depending on your particular situation.

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