Wooden Plant Stands

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We all know that plants will enhance our living space indoors and out! What better way to bring the great outdoors in! People display plants for many reasons, aesthetic value is one, enhancing the living space is always a great benefit. Keeping in mind the presentation is just as important as the plant, so this is where the plant stand enters. What better way to show off your plants then by placing it on a stand. With the right choice the plant and stand will complement each other and add to the ambiance of the room.

Tiered plant stands are a very popular design. The stand has usually three sometimes more individual spots at varies heights for plants, hence the word tiered. This is an ideal arrangement for showing flowering plants that look great grouped together. This type of stand looks wonderful when placed in an area that has a little space, like a foyer. Remember to fit the size of the plant to the stand.

Decide the type that will fit with your decor and the plant that you are placing on it. Vingli is a wide variety out there. Wooden plant stands should complement the plant and enhance the space bringing beauty into your home!

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