If you have a pool in your backyard, then you know the importance of maintaining it properly. One of the essential tools you need for your pool is a solar cover. A solar cover helps to keep your pool water warm, reduce water evaporation, and protect the pool from debris. However, handling a pool solar cover can be a hassle, especially if you don't have the right tools. This is where a pool solar cover reel comes in handy.

A pool solar cover reel is a device that helps you easily remove and store your solar cover when you're not using your pool. It consists of a roller that attaches to one end of the pool, and a handle or crank that allows you to roll the cover up and store it neatly out of the way.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to choosing the best pool solar cover reel for your needs.

Choosing a Pool Solar Cover Reel

1. Mounting Type: Solar cover reels come in different mounting types, such as in-ground or above-ground. The mounting type you choose will depend on your pool's location and design. Due to the nature of their installation, solar reels for above-ground and in-ground swimming pools are usually not interchangeable.

2. Pool Size: The first thing you need to consider when choosing a pool solar cover reel is the size of your pool. The size of your pool will determine the size of the reel you need. A larger pool will require a bigger reel to support the weight of the cover. On the other hand, a smaller pool can be managed with a smaller reel.

3. Material: The material of the reel is essential, as it determines its durability and weather resistance. Some materials are susceptible to rust and corrosion, while others are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Stainless steel, aluminum, and resin are the most common materials used in the construction of solar cover reels.

4. Embedded Strap and Velcro Strap: How the straps are connected to the metal bar can make a difference in how well the reel pulls in the cover. Some solar cover reels use velcro straps, while others embed them in the bar via grooves in the metal.

5. Type of Solar Cover: The next thing to consider is the type of solar cover you have. There are different types of solar covers available on the market, and each has its unique properties. The thickness, size, and weight of your solar cover will determine the type of reel you need. A thicker solar cover will require a reel with a higher weight capacity. Similarly, if you have a larger pool, you will need a reel with a higher weight capacity.

6. Ease of Use: Finally, you need to consider how easy the solar cover reel is to use. You want a reel that is easy to operate, and that can be managed by one person. Some reels come with a hand crank or a motorized mechanism, while others require manual labor to roll and unroll the solar cover. A hhand crank or motorized mechanism is easier to operate and more convenient.


The Best Solar Cover Reels in 2023

VINGLI has all the features you need and is extremely durable and reasonably priced, making it the best choice for value for money. Here is a hand-picked list of some of our most popular pool solar cover reels.

1. Best Overall Option: VINGLI 18ft Solar Cover Reel Set

This VINGLI 18ft pool cover reel with adjustable width is specifically designed for inground pools ranging from 14 to 18ft wide and is suitable for both rectangular and odd-shaped pools. The 3-section center tube is made of aluminum, and the legs are made of stainless steel. This maintenance-free, rust-free construction can handle any thickness of solar cover up to 60 kg. The embedded strap design, together with the hand crank handle, makes it easy to turn without exerting a lot of force. It also has a mechanical lock and comes with clips to secure the cover. We appreciate that the tires are solid enough to support the weight of the cover while providing stability to the reel, and the wheelbarrow-style design is easy to move and use.

Available in yellow, blue and grey for preference. 

Check Price Here: VINGLI 18 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel Set Yellow/ Gray/ Blue


2. Best On A Budget: VINGLI 18ft / 21ft Pool Solar Cover Reel Set

This VINGLI pool cover reel set is impressive with its excellent construction and superb value for money. It is constructed with 3 sections of aluminum pipes that are completely rust-free and durable in terms of build quality. The reel also has velcro straps to prevent the cover from falling off. The big rubber tires ensure you have an easier time using the reel and make winding more stable. The hand crank handle operates smoothly, making it easy to roll up your solar cover for optimal protection and user-friendliness.

The telescopic tube is available in two sizes: 18ft for inground pools ranging from 14 to 18ft wide and 21ft for inground pools ranging from 11.8 to 20.34ft wide. Colors are available in blue and grey for your choice.

Check Price Here: VINGLI 18 Feet / 21 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel Set


3. Best For Large Pools: 21ft Pool Solar Cover Reel Set

This 21ft pool cover reel consists of 5-section aluminum tubing with a 60kg load capacity and can be assembled telescopically to suit different sized pools. You can use one section of the tube for a 5.9 feet wide pool, 3 section tube for 12 feet to 14 feet, and 5 section tube for 18 feet to 22.5 feet. It is fitted with embedded straps for extra tension and stability, making it easy to roll up or unfold the swimming pool cover by turning the hand crank.

What we like best about this pool cover reel is its suitability for different types of pools. It works perfectly in rectangular pools and can also be used in bean-shaped, kidney-shaped, odd-shaped, Marilyn Monroe-shaped, or Oyster-shaped pools. All you need to do is cut the cover to fit the pool.

Check Price Here: VINGLI 21 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel Set Yellow

Please note that it is not suitable for pools ranging from 14.1 feet to 17 feet in size.


4. Best For Small Pools: VINGLI 14ft Pool Solar Cover Reel Set

This 14ft pool cover reel is designed for inground pools ranging from 3.28 to 18ft wide. It consists of 7 sections of aluminum tubing that can be used in full or in part, depending on the width of your pool. If your pool is less than 12 feet wide, 5 sections of tubing will be sufficient. The reel is strong enough to handle any thickness of solar cover with a maximum load of 60KG. It also has embedded strap links for greater and more stable tension. The hand crank is large enough to roll up the pool cover easily, and the wheels are big enough to make moving the whole system to another location easy.

Check Price Here: VINGLI 14 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel Set Aluminum


5. Best For Above Ground Pools: VINGLI 16ft Pool Cover Reel with Tube Set

This reel cover is an affordable option for above ground pools ranging from 5ft to 16ft. It consists of 7 sections of thick aluminum tubing, which are strong and sturdy enough to withstand a variety of heavy-duty fencing without sagging in the middle. The welded brackets are also strong and durable. The reel cover has two sets of fixed bases, one for concrete countertops and the other for above-ground pool walls, making it very strong and easy to install. The velcro strap is easy to use. The crank handle's ergonomic design makes it easy for one person to roll up and unfold the cover.

Check Price Here: VINGLI 16 FT Above Ground Pool Cover Reel with Tube Set for Various Shape Pool



You can’t cover your pool without the use of a reel — unless you don’t mind creating a big mess on your deck. Choosing the right pool solar cover reel is essential for any pool owner. Reels make the job of uncovering and covering your pool a simple task that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

We hope that our reviews help you find the ideal reel that fits your budget and expectations. Once you find the right reel, you will wonder how you managed to go without one in the first place.

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